"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"this is some nasty"

while cleaning virtual closets, i discovered some old remnants of posts i thot i'd saved for myself too long. being of the generous spirit this foggy february day, i thot i'd share some of them. so here is one of those posts now...


[from 11/12/06]

hello family,

as i mentioned in a previous post, i went to columbus last weekend to see the fiery furnaces. what i failed to mention (or rather, what i was saving for a separate post so you could enjoy it in all its awesome --awesome in its original meaning, that is, "awful"-- goodness), was that i also saw the guinea worms, a local columbus band.

oh friends. what an experience this was!

first, bear in mind that my friends and i had driven 2-3 hours to get there early enough for good seats/standing room. then, add the 2 hours of waiting we endured, just so this band could play.

and when the playing began, it made me want to shoot myself in the face, bleed all over them, and die on their instruments so the music would cease.

IT. WAS. HORRIBBLE. (yes, that's horribble with 2 b's)

the first two songs were the same song, but with different lyrics. if not for the deliberate (and awkward) pause, i would not have been able to surmise that they were separate songs.

and the lyrics, when i could make them out from their growled and stumbled delivery, were laughable at best. more pathetic, was the thought that the 3 dudes in the band had most probably labored over many too-weak beers to churn them out.

a tasting:
for a song called "There's really nothing better than a box of records" the lyrics were - you guessed it! - "There's really nothing better than a box of records! There's really nothing better than a box of records! (repeated, for 5 minutes)"

tho, i think later on they expounded on that initial thot, and came up with this:
"I guess I'll make you my girlfriend / something to stick my needle in"

hmm... maybe the boys should have stopped there...

but they most certainly did not. they continued. and came up with this gem:
"Sorry girls! Sorry girls!
I'm not a creep!
I'm not a freak!... yet!
Sorry girls!..."

well, at least they apologized...?

oh, and my personal favorite use of sight rhyme from that night came from a song called "I wanna get into your Ya-Ya":
"I really like your fur...
1 2 3 444444444!!!!"

yeah. charming.

guinea up!


R.A.Y "Raedien" Devine said...

lol, ah the self-referencing possibilities of the digital age...

Anyway, I need to figure out how to provide links and such (especially subscribing to people's blogs) on my own blog...can you offer any help in this regard?


remaerdyaD, now the anti-blogger! said...


stephan!e lee said...

are you using html, or are you using the updated blogger? if the latter, it should be easy, they've made it completely simple, you just type the text u want displayed and the url and click post. easy as pie!

if u're using html, you need to type in code. also easy!

now the anti-blogger? oh no, what happened?


Brian said...

Hi Steph,

Hope you are doing well with all your projects are are healthy.

stephan!e lee said...

thank you, Brian. how very kind of you.

i am doing very well, thanks for asking.

and you?

remaerdyaD the bloggerless said...

~ REM:
now the anti-blogger? oh no, what happened?

Kind of a long story - I mean I can of course get into it if you want - but bascially starting this time last year I got out of doing the kind of blog-like approach I have been headstrong with autonomously (in keeping with my strategy of I called Creative Resistance) and now move more along the lines of kind of like assaulting the Internet with info. Sorry if that does not answer your question.

To expand a little bit: Feb. to Jun. twenty-odd-six I did over a hundred hours in my podast (*AND PRETTY MUCH NOTHING ELSE), July to Dec. I did my video-log (130 episodes *AND PRETTY MUCH NOTHING ELSE), Jan.-Feb. twenty-odd-seven, I did my blog (about 100-thousand words, PRETTY MUCH NOTHING ELSE). Sort of the culmination of my more strategic work with Indymedia.

That is the short of it to this point in time anyways.

* remaerdyaD mumbles to himself...

Thanx 4 askng!

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