"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Friday, July 27, 2007

this beat kicks back death

dear ship of devoted readers,

thanks to your kind encouragement and interest, i sat myself down for my friday night, and hammered out a rough idea of what a weekly podcast would look/sound like.

and so, i present to you, THE AVOCADO COUCH, PODCAST. (link to mp3 below)

some of you might recall that i used to have a shortly lived and strongly neglected radio show on the air waves during the school year. well, now you can possibly look forward to a shortly lived and strongly neglected podcast version of those shows (sans my former co-host).

in this week's show, i look at covers!
featured in the lineup, are mashups by Jens Lekman, a Cars cover by Scout Niblett, a Scout Niblett cover by Jens Lekman, and a dance party tune by The Field.

it's a rockin' good time in under 30 minutes! and what's more?! it's completely f***in' free!

so grab it quick, coz in 7 days it will be gone...

the avocado couch - 1 - covers [yousendit download]

your captain,


Rae Jin Devine said...

lol, it's great to hear your voice again, I liked the show.

Now, enough of the that, criticism time!

Whatever mic you're using, it isn't that great. To be expected though as I assume you're running this out of your home.

Lighten up! One great thing about the Avacado Couch was that it felt like I was chilling with you and Brittany. You were both having FUN, and because of that so was I. I like learning about music and the info presented was interesting, but the delivery was lacking.

This felt more like a short lesson on music by non-personality S.Lee and that is a sad, sad thing. We all know you are such a unique and awesome person and for the first time, based on something of your production, I could say, "This could've been by anyone."

I really do like the cast Steph, so don't take all this as negativity. I'm just familiar with your past work and this just wasn't up that level.

I look forward to Bands with Pet Names! ^_^

remaerdyaD saluts said...

Just curious were you got the idea to use yousendit servers. Seems like a brilliant idea. I know I used them once to successfully send a file, which is kinda miraculous as me ist sans der SMTP.

Interesting choice of audio file format - though I suspect that is what your puter spits out, eh ;-)

Anyways, if you could comment on that it'd be great. Speaking of miracles of miracles, BTW, you still skyping?

See ya on SideB sometime :)

PS I think ull like my audio collage, just click on my name to link!

stephan!e lee said...

thanks for the constructive criticism, Rae. yes, the sound quality is a little sub-par perhaps, but considering i did it with the mic on my laptop, i'm ok with it. i could have adjusted the levels a little better tho...

i'm sorry you felt it was a little stiff. i was actually really pleased with how it turned out. i guess it was a little serious, but to be fair, our radio show was just goofing off on a mic. i really enjoy sharing my thots on music, especially music i love as much as what i played on the podcast, so i'm a little bummed it didn't come across. i just wanted to play with the idea of doing something a little more serious, a little more NPR-worthy, a little more journalistic. this is actually something i would submit for a job at KCRW or NPR, if i were lucky enuf to qualify for a job there.

anyway, thx again and i will definitely try to be more fun next week.


Rae Jin Devine said...

I see.

Well, don't change it simply because I expected something else.

I downloaded a podcast by Stephanie Lee, I got a podcast by Stephanie Lee.

That happens to be good enough for me.

One thing I would like to note, names(labels) are incredibly important, even more so in terms of production. Is this new direction appropriate for The Avacado Couch?

It seems like such a change in vision would require a change in title. It's part of what got me excited after all. A name bears weight Miss Lee.

remaerydaD said...

ugh, was sick all last night after my shift, which went horribly - I like took a nappy, which never happens to me, so I went later than normal (which in itself is not something I need), then my boss came in (helped me out with meds - which was a relief, she is like my first boss ever and rules) and pointed out this glaring error... I dont mean to lay my probs on you, but the skinny here is that after all of this and the euphoria of my drugs long since kicked in, I just want to bloody relax and enjoy anything...

So I turn on the tv and their is this nerd who has his fingers in the pie of at least seven successful podcasts, all techie related, plus a tv show or three in various countries telling us in a interview with one of his countless fan/experts how do be effective in podcasting by speaking your own ads (I am too exhausted to remember what this is called in radio industry...). I had to hit the off button and drag my frankenstein self over to my puter and typed out my own learned notes on the subject for me and mine.

How do we feel about this or what, eh?

PS, BTW the goal in my own cast is to reduce down to a weekly. ATM my audience (averaging about one or two dozen years ago) is pretty low, so it is like icubator time.

Never realized avacado is such a smashing colour, I think I might just have to find a long sleeve shirt in it or something...

smiles all around