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- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

and the results are in...

i gave my students a survey in-class today about School Experience. it had questions about the school, experiences with adults on campus, safety, and asked them questions about their individual classes as well.

the surveys were anonymous of course, and i gave students room to write additional comments to me on the back.

i received extremely positive reviews, which was surprising and made me wonder if my students thought i might punish them for giving me the "wrong" answers. i feel like i've been a good teacher, but i couldn't believe i've been *this* good.

the results showed that in both math and science, 90% of my students strongly agreed that "[Ms. Lee] believes I can do well." 10% of them agreed. 85% of my students strongly agreed that "[Ms. Lee] cares about me." 15% agreed. my students also 100% agreed or strongly agreed that they feel safe in my classroom, while less than 20% could say that about their neighborhood or the school as a whole.

i also had two students write me notes at the end of their surveys:
"Ms. Lee I want you to know that I like your class. And I don't worry about not getting it when you are teaching me because I just catch on to what the whole class is learning about."
"Ms. Lee I want you to know that your class is really fun and interesting. I know and I learned a lot in your awesome class. - anonymous"
that's pretty awesome, right?!

this got me excited, so i made an end of year ONLINE survey. i'm hoping that with the online survey i can ask more detailed questions, specifically about my class, and compile the results to inform my teaching practice, especially if i decide to continue next year.

here's a draft of questions i plan on asking:
4. ms. lee makes me feel welcome in class (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree)
5. ms. lee makes me feel safe
6. ms. lee gives me what i need in class
7. ms. lee helps me be the best learner i can be
8. ms. lee helps me with my math when i need it
9. ms. lee understands me
10. ms. lee tries to understand me (all of the time, most of the time, some of the time, not very often, never)
11. ms. lee makes learning math fun
12. ms. lee makes learning math easy
13. i feel ready for 7th grade because of what ms. lee has taught me
14. ms. lee's math class is the best class i've ever taken
15. ms. lee cares about me
16. ms. lee treats me with respect
17. ms. lee treats me and other students fairly
18. i feel ms. lee challenged me to be the best i could be
19. i was a good student in ms. lee's class
20. because of taking ms. lee's class, i feel i have gotten better in math
21. if you could make one change to the class what would it be
22. if you could keep one thing the same what would it be
23. do you have anything you want to say to ms. lee or anything you want her to know?

what else should i ask?!

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