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Thursday, October 26, 2006

speaking of satire...

(old post i've been saving for a week now, enjoy!)

wow, you could not ask for more serendipitous circumstances in terms of real-life satire.

i mean, there's nothing to say here. this takes care of itself...

By Joe Giordano

Staff Writer

Thursday, October 12, 2006

An MTV reality TV star (<- this is what got me. "reality TV star." haha, too funny.) was a victim of road rage after a retired Miami University administrator pointed a handgun at him Wednesday morning at an Oxford residence.

Police say a man in his 70s aimed a small handgun at 24-year-old John DeVenanzio, a cast member of MTV's "The Real World: Key West." A traffic violation appears to have sparked the armed confrontation.

According to police, DeVenanzio's girlfriend crossed a double yellow line to pass a Cadillac crawling southbound on McGuffey Avenue at approximately 10 a.m. The Cadillac then tailed the former Real World star and his girlfriend, who is a Miami student, a few blocks until they reached a Quail Ridge Drive residence.

As DeVenanzio's girlfriend pulled her Dodge Neon into the driveway, the Cadillac followed behind blocking the Neon. When DeVenanzio approached the car, he told police the elderly man reached into his glove compartment and pointed a handgun at him. The reality TV star then retreated to his girlfriend's vehicle and called 911. DeVenanzio was able to get the car's license plate, which led officers the an elderly man's residence.

When police questioned the man at his home, the former MU administrator said he flashed the gun for his safety.

"The driver stated DeVenanzio approached his vehicle in a threatening manner, and he pulled out the gun for his protection," Oxford police Sgt. Jim Squance said.

Police found the gun, which they describe as a Derringer. The elderly man possessed a permit for the handgun, which he says was not loaded during the confrontation. Police have not filed any charges against the former MU administrator. A university spokesperson said he retired in 1984.

Authorities are not releasing the man's name until the investigation is complete. Squance said they are currently speaking with the Butler County prosecutor about the case.

"We're going to complete the investigation and present it to the Butler County prosecutor," Squance said.

Police believe the next course of action will be sometime next week.

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remaerdyaD said...

strangeness in america? i doe no wat 2 write...

btw, i found that film group i mentioned a while ago here to you:

they have the bestest archives on the web - dont be put off by their submissions policy, they are NOT hollywood, they seem generally legit (you know - like all that stuff about licencing all content on screen and stuff) please check it out if you havnt b4!