"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Friday, March 16, 2007

dreaming in vibrant film

o man i had the most intensely vivid dream last night! it's not very often i get a dream so vividly violent, that it causes me to wake up at 5 am wondering if i had just prophesied an action movie...

it was set in a very large flower shop/ boutique, with a hard gray smooth concrete floor, like you'd see in a factory. there were large windows in the front, and a metal staircase cutting diagonally across your view of the outside. there was a counter perpindicular to the windows, cutting the huge floor in half (maybe it was a dry cleaner?)

there was a woman, who looked something like Christopher Walken, very tall with an angular face, wearing a long (flowered maybe?) dress with high heels. she had a degree of feminine sophistication, while still possessing the immediate threat of an unconscionable strength. there was something very unright about her... something otherworldly (if this were a movie and i were casting for the part, i would ASK Christopher Walken (CW) to play it. i would want no one else. he has the right amount of unsettling creepiness to pull it off)

perhaps i'm characterizing her thus only in afterthought, because the dream consisted of her ripping apart and destroying the store and everyone in it, her two assistants mutilated by the crude use of various accoutrements in the room. the first, a pretty redhead, slapped upside the head with a stiletto heel, then stabbed in the heart with it. another, an older woman (this one a customer) bowled over the counter after being folded in half like a garment by CW's freak strength. another woman's blood splattered all over the walls as she tried to stop it.

i don't remember quite how the dream started out, but i remember one thing that struck me about it (and this is why i felt i had just watched a movie, rather than seen it in my dreams) was that i was watching these events happen from a third perspective! that is, despite the threat of physical danger, i was not directly involved. was i hidden from view? i remember watching as if from a fourth wall (which, as we know, is a filmic convention), no way of CW reaching me or even finding me.

near the end, all this carnage strewn about the room, CW lumbering about, hair a little misplaced, no one left. i think the lady who was thrown over the counter got up, a little shaken, and managed to surprise CW, somehow overthrowing her into a large vat of some kind. she found a rake or a pitchfork of sorts, and (perhaps too lightly) stabbed CW in the stomach with it, pinning her to the inside of this tub. bubbles of purple-red liquid came up to the surface, the pitchfork handle protruding upright from the floating body. the other lady stumbled off. the camera then pans to the vat, where there's movement now, as if the bubbles are stimulating her back to life (though she probably never died in the first place).

of course, like all action/horror movies, she jolts back to life, pulling the rake handle suddenly from her stomach, and proceeds to hunt down others.

on second thought, it's a pretty average thriller/action movie. but the way it played in my dream was just all too surreal, i had to share. (and the color pallette was amazing! blues, reds, deep purples and light lavenders, very dark and dank, but crisp somehow at the same time)

p.s. i tried looking up any extant movies that might fit this bill, thinking there was no way my imagination came up with this on its own. i found nothing close. hmm... do i see a possible Hollywood pitch?



The ZenFo Pro said...

See, at least my weird dreams last week were fever related :)

We still need to do a movie night sometime...before you graduate or something :)

movie spamming! said...

Wot is the hook? I mean, like to me it sort of seems like a machinima from a new video game than a movie, or a scene from a larger theme in a movie, or a short. But it is pretty thriller-y... So Saw with colouring effects like 300?

I think my violent dreams consist mostly of my cat killing humans in bizarre ways alla thriller (as opposed to that pop film about grown adults making idiots of themselves that ev-ary-freaking-bawdy seems gahgah over - dare not write its name).

Writing of thriller movies, I should try on the new Hitcher... the original was top for suspence in my 'book' http://imdb.com/title/tt0091209/ Just finished watching the whole Sharpe series with Sean Bean... again. Best in historical series - about the Napoleonic Wars (no, I am not a war film nut).

back to going crazy,

my captcha: xechwsdp

remaerdyaD forgot to mention to y'all said...

Happy Spring!!!

stephan!e lee said...

ZP: hey, i never said mine weren't. glad to c u're better, btw. :-)

R: i haven't seen any of those films, but i mean to...

and a happy spring to u 2!