"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

and it's only monday...

--->this is how the penultimate week of school makes me feel...

i've been busy. the last few weeks have borne upon me a ridiculous amount of work, and i didn't sleep more than a total of 8 hours all of last week. as you can imagine, i was hardly a person by week's end, merely a doughy shell.

i also ran out of money on my meal plan, so lately have been occupying myself with foraging for little snackies to keep alive with. i had a lunch of baby carrots before i passed out on a bench and slept until the storms came in. i woke up and the land had turned dark and i didn't know where i was any more. and i found the tiniest little bird hopping around in front of my bench, whistling and just having a hell of a time despite my utter confusion. he sure was whistling the hell out of himself. it was kinda a magical moment i wish i had on Kodak film or something.

so this post took place over the course of 3 hours because i kept getting called down to the writing center. it's finals week at last, and the signs are everywhere.

stay well friends, and don't eat more than eight pieces of cold pizza a day. cold leftover pizza is hardly nutritious enough to subsist on, and i'm pretty sure it does permanent damage to your digestive organs.

love and all,


remaerdyaD said...

Me so happy: I stupifyingly spent'ed like half my spending money for the year over two days last week. If I had a good cam, I'd have a pic of me walking a million miles with twenty pounds of crap in plastic box store bags bulging like Luciferian wings as I descend into consumer hell on Earth. Sort of like when Ghandi trekked to the sea to make salt, though not really. But, so like the last thing I bought was a wee AA-powered (OMG they sell non-rechargables in packs of 48! at the boxstores now - can you believe that? FORTY-freaking-EIGHT sTEPHAN!E!!!) milk frother for my latte. (Apparently it does cream too, but I think I need a few metal hydrides. I just have old school nickel cadmiums, which are weaker but last me like ten years.)

Here is to happiness, trust, and froth then: "sip."

Ahhhh... . . . .

Do not know if you can use this truly wacky link off yahoo or snot (some of the business and finance writing on yahoo I find ironically comical to laugh at:

Brian said...

Sounds rough Steph. Maybe the university president will advance you some meal money. Seeing as how you are doing a great job in making him see the light. :)

stephan!e lee said...

haha. thanks to both of you, i'm feeling much better now.


remaerdyaD said...

Friday, stephanie-lee.blogspot.com. Morning. I am, the Daydreamer.

This makes me want to finally put all the new parts together I have been buying over the years to refurbish my like twenty-something freaking year old twelve-speed:

You introduced me to facebook a while ago... last nite on TV-Ontario (kind of a provincial public tv station on channel 2), there was a teacher panel on education and a student brought up the Internet (it seems the unholy trinity = facebook-MSNmessaging-chat). Very interesting comments arose.

Basically, me try explain as best as me can, this really cool teacher pointed out that technology is a part of wiring the brain and kids today are wired differently (relating to a panel early in the week on how neural pathways in the brain are structured in unique ways). So rather that saying 'fuck the Internet', like I think some teachers/adults might, it is a matter of understand that we teach in two different ways relating to time and that if you want to get through to students through long-term association, the Internet is best for that because that is simply where students spend their time.

I am thinking a lot these days as I wait to start more work in video how video can be used in a similar fashion - as in with things not normally related to video.

Just a thought I am sharing with y'all.

Oh yeah, being Ontario and about education, nothing can exist without incorporating shakespear. One of the Anglo panelists was put off by a lot of the disagreement over a presentation that basically tried to use video games as a teaching tool (romeo and juliet in the milky way, or something). So this dude pointed out that his students finally understood a play once when he let them go on their own. What the students did was to play their roles in the play from with a chatroom using classroom computers. I thought that was brilliant.

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