"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Saturday, January 20, 2007

early starts

hear here, here hear!

it's 9 am on an ice-tinged saturday, and i have begun official work on my thesis!

today, we shall flesh out the outline, determine which research will be necessary before i can begin writing the first chapters, and --i hope-- have a rough understanding of democratic educational history and philosophy.

the goals for this semester's research:
-history/philosophy of democratic ed
-timelines and maps and lists
-case studies (my educational autobio, Highlander School, Central Academy)
-field work (local school, local U, local community)

first nuggets of the day:
the language of education. education vs schooling. learners vs students. mentors vs teachers. finding ways to make language "work."
the pedagogy of the oppressed. schooling can be oppressive. teachers use grades as leverage against undesirable student behavior. grades and favoritism as ways to silence challengers. we become slaves to grades before we become wage slaves. (we're always slaves!)
"educational reform" = my death blow. i want to integrate theory and practice, toward a more empowering and effective (rather than efficient) system and method of education. but as long as i'm open about what i see as egregious flaws in the educational process, i will be met with heavy criticism and hostility. no one wants to admit they're doing things wrong, or concede to an undergraduate. no one can acknowledge that i have experience in the educational system enough to be a critic of it.
why split my experience in education into hierarchies, levels of understanding? why limit the study of higher education to the graduate level? this assumes an undergraduate cannot understand what they experience on a daily basis? must i really have all 4 yrs of undergrad under my belt before i can be a critical, conscious student of higher education?
why are we always looking back rather than simply looking? if i can examine it closely now, why wait until it's even further away?

and these thoughts from a classroom experience last thursday:
relationships of power - students become afraid to challenge/ to speak their mind
-they learn to love convention and obey rules. there's safety in rules. there's safety in passivity. to submit is to be safe and invisible in passivity. to speak one's mind is to challenge the teacher's authority, to make the banking method difficult, to interfere with the completion of the teacher's job. to be vocal is to be a terrorist.
-students sacrifice their intellectual freedom for safety, both in the classroom and in life


remaerdyaD, the blogger (: said...

Chukl, another nice self-portrait

Sounds like a lot of work going on to me Reform in education - could not be all that bad an idea, there As for waiting for 4 yrs to be heard, from my experience, if somebody is about who is listening who is worth something they will be seeking out someone who is asking, not reguritating, and they will be listening to you already (if that makes sense) Of course, I am easily wrong, be hyper-uninterested in the educashun system

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good to see the addition to your title! ;-)

the blogger... nice ring, eh?


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Well, it is a stretch to call mein article a "blog", indymedia not exactly (or even approximately) my 'own personal webpage' et al - but hey, made you buy it for a bit... and yer like educated! so I cant be THAT far off my rocker

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The ZenFo Pro said...

Hey chica! Wonderful post!

stephan!e lee said...

R: ha, the title gets better all the time. ;-)

ZP: yo! thanks! long time no see, eh? where ya been? life's in the shits lately, but what else is new? nearly broke my legs sledding this morning, that was fun. take care, ok?