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- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Sunday, February 24, 2008

liveblogging the Oscars

Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard, looking radiant - her speech was definitely the highlight of the evening, in my honest opinion.

screw Carpetbagger. this snarky chick and her snippy friend Brandon had our own little (unplanned) blog-fest for the 80th Academy Awards!

while i sat in my room with the telly on, a cup of peppermint tea in hand and my senior project books spread around me, Brandon and i chatted back and forth about the Oscars, facial hair, and it was a love fest!

so here are the Oscars, as experienced thru our unabashedly snarky commentary:

me: hi, are u watching the oscars?
10:15 PM Brandon: yeah
me: i LOVE marion cotillard
her speech nearly made me cry
she is so gorgeous
Brandon: yeah, seriously. I think i would have been funny if any one of those ladies had won
*would have been happy
i can't think
me: ha
10:16 PM yeah, agreed, but i really wanted her to win the most
well, and julie christie too, but more cuz she's old
Brandon: yeah...I dont know why she was so surprised. She was who i was expecting haha
julie christie was incredible though in that movie
me: yeah she was
Brandon: she definitely deserved it as well
10:17 PM and I really liked Cate's reaction
me: yeah i love her!
Brandon: she looked so incredibly happy for Marillon it was ridiculous
me: i loved how she was so thrilled for Marion
yeah, haha
Brandon: i dont know what is up with my typing tonight
me: mine was like that this morning
i was hitting all the wrong buttons
and saying words i didn't mean
ok wtf
10:18 PM it seems like Jon Stewart is trying too hard to be funny
OMG is Glen Hansard going to sing??!!
10:19 PM YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
Brandon: holy fuck that was a huge orchestra for that one little intro part lol
10:20 PM me: yeah, haha
i think it's the orchestra that plays the exit music too tho
oh, and Glen is sans beard
i hope they win the Oscar
i feel like they deserve it more than the other acts so far, which have been kinda shitty to be honest
10:21 PM i love how Glen is playing his beat up guitar too
10:22 PM aw, they were cute
10:23 PM Brandon: jack nicholson, however, is not lol
he kind of seems like the ultimate creeper to me
me: yeah, i think that's kinda a persona he's cultivated over the years
10:24 PM wow, some of these older movies look AWFUL
Brandon: thats what makes them so good lol
me: aw, it's the Dragonheart theme!
Brandon: i love bad old movies
me: i LOVE that movie
i really want to watch it now
10:26 PM ok, wtf, Oliver! was a best picture?
and Rocky?
that seems wrong
Brandon: i FUCKING love amadeus!
i had no idea that was a best picture
10:27 PM that makes me so happy
10:28 PM me: i love that movie too
it's so creepy

7 minutes
10:36 PM me: that was weird how they zoomed in on Nicole, rather than the guy who was actually getting the award
wow, the camerawork here is ridiculous
Brandon: yeah...this is what one of my friends wrote in his live-journaling of the event:
10:32 -- What the fuck is that diamond necklace-ish thing hanging off of Nicole Kidman? I'm sure it's worth a bazillion dollars, but it's only favoring one of her titties and it looks so weird.
10:37 PM me: oh no, are they going to play the music on him?
Brandon: i dont think they play the music for the special people awards
me: it does look a little chintzy
i hope not
but they might as well since they're not focusing the camera on him
it seems like no one there is listening
10:38 PM Brandon: haha! they should showed this old guy who was sleeping lol
me: haha
10:40 PM this is horrible, i'm not getting anything done b/c the tv is on
Brandon: me neither...I decided to instead try to catch up on some of my photo uploading lol
10:41 PM me: ooo that at least sounds like a useful way to spend the time
10:43 PM wow, i haven't seen any of these foreign lang films!
Brandon: I really wish there was an easily accesible way to see the foreign language films and short animated features
me: agreed!
shorts are esp hard to find
10:45 PM Brandon: I know i hate that
I would love to be able to see them but i have no idea where to find them
10:46 PM me: i love how they take the time to make the song performances so elaborate
Brandon: yeah...these are ridiculous productions
10:47 PM me: Once's wasn't
Brandon: not at all lol
it was just the two of them and their little instruments
and everything else...HUGE production values!
me: + a wall of guitars, but they weren't dancing
10:48 PM they coulda added some pyrotechnics at least
i mean come on!
10:49 PM i like how John Travolta just waltzed in
because u're a song and dance man, John!!
"Falling Slowly" ftw!!!
10:50 PM Brandon: if august rush wins i won't be AS upset as if enchanted wins
me: YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
me: oh they're so cute!
how old is she?
Brandon: i think it's more disturbing than cute lol
10:51 PM she's 19 now i think...and they 'fell in love' when she was like 13 or something
and he's like in his early 40's now i think
me: whoa, weird
10:52 PM and i like how she didn't even get to speak
HA, 'male menopause'
you mean a hot flash, Steve?
10:53 PM Brandon: i love steve [spielberg] lol
me: i like chatting while we watch the oscars, it makes it more fun
Brandon: it's ALMOST like watching them together lol
10:54 PM me: hah
Brandon: which i guess we just should have done in the first place!
but i didnt know you were going to watch them
10:55 PM me: yeah, we probly should have watched them together
u're still welcome over, if u'd like
tho i thought u were doing homework
Brandon: oh gosh no!
i never do homework anymore lol
i will probably try to get something done after the show though
10:56 PM me: yeah, in like another hour?
or are they already almost over?
Brandon: im not sure
me: i have no idea what's been announced
i haven't even really been paying attn
did they do the shorts?
10:57 PM Brandon: yeah
me: aw, that's so cute that they're letting her say something
Brandon: yeah, her microphone got cut off i guess
too bad it has to be done so awkwardly lol
10:58 PM me: yeah, seriously
but she was well-spoken
that was the BEST anecdote EVER
"let's have them kiss"/"but they're both guys!"/ "but this is Hollywood!"
10:59 PM Brandon: yeah, they're cute
11:00 PM me: they didn't do the lead actors yet right?
i think that's one of the last ones
Brandon: they did supporting, and lead female
me: maybe before the Best Pic
yeah they did all the actress oscars
who won supporting again?
11:01 PM Brandon: i cant remember right now lol
me: i can't either...
Javier Bardem!
he won one...
Brandon: oh, and tilda swinton
me: oh, right
[commercial break...]

6 minutes
11:07 PM Brandon: i love eli stone!
11:08 PM victor garber makes me so happy, and he sings in the show and it's delightful
and the lead actor is rather dapper
me: really?
i was just going to say how awful that show looked, haha
Brandon: i also love amy adams
I just really like shows that have a fantastical edge to them
like pushing daisies
11:09 PM me: yeah, she's cute
ooo i hope the guy from Radiohead wins [the best original score]
Brandon: im really surprised i haven't really heard much about the kite runner
me: oh, nevermind... [Radiohead guy not nominated]
yeah, me too
11:10 PM Brandon: it didnt seem to get any kind of attention at all when the book was so huge
me: ok, so i think James McAvoy is totally hot
11:11 PM Brandon: he is very easy on the eyes
i think he generally looks better without the scruff though
me: and the voice ain't bad to listen to
Brandon: he doesnt really grow good facial hair
it's too patchy
me: it should either be a fuller beard or none at all!
i wonder why he went with the facial hair
Brandon: yeah...you would think SOMEone would let him know it needs to go
11:12 PM me: ha, yeah
Tom Hanks hasn't been in a good movie in a while...
Brandon: that is true
11:13 PM me: was that real-time? [army officers announcing Oscar nom's and winner from Baghdad]
11:14 PM or did they record that in advance u think?
Brandon: i have no idea...i wasn't really paying attention
i feel like real-time would be risky
but otherwise it would hurt the secrecy thing i would think
me: that's what i'd think
11:15 PM hm, i really want to see this doc short now
Freeheld (note to self to look up later)
11:16 PM hm, lots of war movies
do u think Sicko will win?
11:17 PM Brandon: i have no idea...it's the only one i've heard of, but there's kind of a general anti-michael moore thing, so who knows
me: yeah
wait which one is this?
i don't even fell like they announced it earlier, haha
Brandon: haha
11:18 PM yeah i dont know
that was weird...like four people messaged me all at the same time and i have no idea who these people are
me: haha, weird
oh, i think this was the one about Abu Ghraib?
11:19 PM i'm glad u're so popular, haa
oh Elton John, i love him [original song montage]
Brandon: i guess...i dont talk to people i dont know generally speaking though
me: did he win for "Circle of Life"?
that would be fantastic

5 minutes
11:24 PM me: i really want to see Michael Clayton
Brandon: i effing love ratatouille
11:25 PM and i REALLY wanted to see savages
me: and the Savages
Brandon: i'm sad i never knew when it was out
and what the hell is diablo [cody] wearing? lol
me: she looks fun tho
Brandon: well, she was an exotic dancer lol
11:26 PM me: haha, yeah
Brandon: im sure she's VERY fun
wink wink lol
me: let's try to find The Savages somewhere
it looks good
11:27 PM Brandon: I was looking forward to seeing it for a while because i pay VERY close attention to anything laura linney is in, and I never really saw it being released anywhere
me: it seems like it got a really limited release
Brandon: it's not even so much that I'm a huge laura linney fan for her, but she's just always in really really good movies
me: i LOVE laura linney
she's so cute
Brandon: she is really cute
me: yeah, she is
Brandon: i love her face
11:28 PM me: and phil seymour hoffman is great in everything he does too
i like her dimples
she just looks really expressive
[commercial break]
oh god, this new oprah show looks HORRIBLE
11:29 PM lots of exasperated yelling...
Brandon: i didnt realize it was its own show...i just assumed it was something she was doing on her own talk show
i love jack lemmon
me: aw, i LOVE Jack Lemmon
Brandon: haha
11:30 PM me: aw...
ooo [Helen Mirren]'s elegant
Brandon: indeed she is
11:31 PM me: Forest Whitaker is great too
Brandon: she's always seems so poised and distinguished
11:32 PM me: now there's a moustache that should win an oscar [on Daniel Day Lewis's full moustache in There Will Be Blood]
11:33 PM despite all the horrible reviews, i still really want to see sweeny todd
i just feel like it would be a lot of fun
me: but i hope he doesn't win (daniel day lewis)
i really want to see in the Valley of Elah
i dunno, johnny depp in a musical makes me cringe
ooo, Viggo is delicious looking
11:34 PM Brandon: oooo the little girl with him is adorable!
me: oh, he [Daniel Day Lewis] just looks so smug!
Brandon: i feel like this is pretty much an exact repeat of the SAG awards...it's all the same people winning
11:35 PM at least for the big awards
me: boo
Brandon: oh my god! another random message! what the hell is going on
me: wow, that was an elaborate metaphor
Brandon: indeed it was haha
he's got moxy!
me: yeah, seriously, Brandon, why so popular?
11:36 PM Brandon: i just want to know who these people are!
and how they all have my screenname and why they're all trying to talk to me now
me: weird...
DDLewis shoulda kept his moustache
11:37 PM Brandon: it's pretty old skool
me: he could bring it back
Brandon: he indeed could

5 minutes
11:43 PM me: ooo who do you think for director? [Coens win]
Brandon: i think that was a given
me: oh, i was gonna guess them
Brandon: oh totally
me: i was kinda thinking PT Anderson had a shot
oh they [the Coens] are so boring to listen to tho
Brandon: this movie has won at all the award shows
me: u'd think they'd be more interesting as ppl
11:44 PM Brandon: im sure they'll probably win best picture too
me: yeah, i guess u're right
11:46 PM welp, you called it
Brandon: i guess i should see it lol
although, crash is a movie i probably could have missed
me: it's good
Brandon: me neither
i HATE how much attention it got
11:47 PM me: me too!
who's this guy?
Brandon: i think if it didnt get as much attention i might have liked it a little better, but I think it was way over sold
he's the other producer of the movie
and i LOVE that frances mcdormand married one of the coen's
Brandon: i think it's cute
me: really?!
that is cute
i love her too
Brandon: they got married after Fargo
11:48 PM me: which one?
i hope not the smallish one
he just seems jerky
what's up with the Kenny G denouement music?

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