"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Friday, September 26, 2008


tweeted ideas for a debate drinking game!
had i money to buy alcohol, i would probably not be conscious to type these words right now, so consider yrselves lucky!

chatting to my friend Brandon about the first presidential debate (read: a huge disappointment).

so, if you didn't make it thru the debate, read B's and my commentary instead. it will probably save you the 2 hours of life we spent actually watching.



me: I MISS YOU!!!!!
6:11 AM i'm sending you a virtual hug RIGHT NOW
Brandon: and while we hug, I will nonchalantly and secretly work my hand over your luscious booty
6:12 AM me: ahahahahahha
i wouldn't want it any other way!
did u watch teh debates?
Brandon: sho did
me: i did too
but might as well not have
6:13 AM Brandon: for serious
me: i feel like the whole time they were just trying to make each other look foolish
mccain's whole message was "obama is naive"
and obama's was "mccain is a doddering old fool"
6:14 AM we didn't need 2 hours of "debate" to get that, come on!
Brandon: i was really looking forward to the part of this campaign when something substantial would happen, but I'm starting to lose hope that that would actually happen
me: yeah
i was actually excited, until i saw the debate
and realized we're pretty much screwed
Brandon: for serious
6:15 AM me: it's a pretty shitty time to be a politically conscious american
Brandon: agreed
me: on another note,
6:17 AM do you have Lykke Li?
that was the other one i was thinking of sending you
no, i haven't even heard such a crazy name!
me: oh yay!
then i can share some swedish goodness with you!
6:18 AM b/c of course, as with all music of the past 2 or 3 years, it comes from sweden!
Brandon: i have vastly been ignoring the swedes in my life and they need to come back
me: i'm seriously thinking i need to move there
we all do
/ need swedes
6:19 AM OK
so you should listen to the album
it's dance-y
6:20 AM Brandon: ooo!
me: which means you will LOVE it
Brandon: i haven't had something dancey in a while
me: and come on, it's swedish
you should move here and have a dance party with me
we could drive away global warming with our amazing powers of dance
6:21 AM Brandon: that would be only the most amazing solution to our problems ever
me: woudln't it?
6:22 AM i think that we should propose that as the next debate topic
Brandon: i pine for such a resolution to things
me: "senators obama and mccain, if you could fight global warming with the power of dance, what would be yr best moves?"
Brandon: and what would you choose to dance to?
6:23 AM me: i imagine mccain would do the old hip, hand grind
you know, the butter churn
Brandon: if his hip lasts that long
me: hahahahahaha
Brandon: i was kind of impressed that he was actually able to stand for the duration of the debate
me: haha, i hadn't thot of it
6:24 AM oh man, i AM really excited for hte VP debate tho
Brandon: it should certainly be entertaining if nothing else
me: palin's gonna get absolutely thrashed
Brandon: in the post-debate thing when they were interviewing biden he has absolutely no reservations about what he says haha
it was great
me: i don't know if i like biden yet, but SHIT, he is out to embarass her
shoudn't be hard to do tho
Brandon: i like biden
me: yeah, haha, i know
6:25 AM wait, did the VPs already debate?
did i miss it?
Brandon: i think the ticket would be better if it was reversed
me: damn!
Brandon: no, they're next thursday
me: oh, sweeeeeeet!
Brandon: i wonder if the republicans are regretting it yet
me: i hate that ppl are actually more excited about th GOP now that she's on the ticket
6:26 AM i heard some interesting commentary on Countdown with Keith Olbermann today
Brandon: i think that's starting to die down now though
i heard someone call her Caribou Barbie and i thought that was pretty funny
me: some conservative woman writing to say that Palin was an embarassment and she should step down if she knew what was best for her party and her country
i thot that was pretty apt
caribou barbie?
6:27 AM Brandon: yeah, i've seen a lot of commentaries of people telling her she should step down
me: she's gonna fall onher face in the debate on thursday
Brandon: gosh i hope so
6:28 AM me: oh man!!!! (gleeful squealing)
it's gonna be so awesome
i'm gonna plan anight around it
wanna watch together?
Brandon: i thought it was really telling that after the debate they interviewed biden, but palin wasn't there and they interviewed giuliani instead who is just an arse
me: oh man, giuliani...
6:29 AM the GOP just can't catch a break
ha ha
Brandon: idont know what he was watching, but none of his comments made any sense in reference to the debate
6:32 AM me: yeah.. he probly just wanted to talk about 9/11 right?
oh rudy rudy rudy
the GOP's one-hit wonder
"play freebird!"

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