"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

dramatic irony

a more dramatic and emotive version of U2's "with or without you" i have not seen, nor will ever see again.

this is a Belgian girls' choir that has produced several cd's of wistful and unexpecting pop covers. they go by the name "Scala and Kolacny Bros," which confused me until now, b/c it seemed incredibly egotistical for two dudes to take all the credit for the singing these girls were doing. [edit: Scala is actually the name of the Scala choir. oops.]

but then i saw this and i was completely convinced otherwise.

indeed, there would be no singing without the conspicuous affect of their conductor.

so carry on, carry on wayward son.
(now there's a cover i'd like to see them do!)


p.s. one of my favorite moments comes around 1:12, when they sing "you give it all, but i want more." something in one of the girls' faces tells me she's got a real special interpretation of that song lyric. oh smiles!
p.p.s. 2:20 onward is pretty awesome too.


remaerdyaD, the zer0 blogger said...

Children tend not to have rights in society bent in favour of adults. Though I do not know this specifically in the case of Belgium, I know Holland has scant history in this regard, promoting children into seats of political power.

Dirty men obsessing over girls...

Read Bono is like a CEO or something as of late...


p.s. my catpcha is "zirogjnr"

remaerdyad suggests... said...


stephan!e lee said...

thanks for the suggestion. looks like fun!!

i think the accordian adds a lot. i'm glad they worked that out.


remaerdyaD said...

May I ask if you are planning to blog at all from Mongolia?

stephan!e lee said...

thanks for asking.

i wish i could, but unfortunately, we will be without electricity the whole time.

i'm worried less about blogging, and more about how i'm going to document everything while i'm there. suffice it to say i'm taking a camera and a LOT of memory cards. no video tho... :-(

Aurelié said...

My name is Aurélie and I belong to Scala.
I was just googeling and found this post. Thank you for liking and dicussing our music controversially.

For the release of our new album “One Winged Angel” we want to connect and collaborate with our friends from all over the world to create the “the world’s longest canon”. If you want to become a part, visit our page www.scala-canon.com, record your canon video and send it to us.

It would be great, if you join in

Best regards,
Aurélie (from Scala)

remaerdyaD said...


Just get yourself some pads and a couple good writing instruments - plural, as you never know what you might have to bargain. FWIW, I recommend 4x6's with a vinyl cover and some elastic bands, a Parker pen (easily the best and most reliable affordable pen I ever used - I wrote fiction short story in longhand for years with my one pen), and my secret weapon, a thing called a 2mm mechanical pencil (basically a tube with a clamp and a 2mm thick 'lead' - holds the world record as the most efficient writing instrument, a single lead last me years and writes well on paper and wood. I blindly mention this, sorry if Im repeating, but I buy a handful whenever I come across them and give them as gifts to others. They use to be big with architects before they started using computers. So they are usually just in drafting supply store.). These three tools I always have at hand - even now when I barely use them, like I just replaced the cartridge in my Parker for the first time in prolly ten years just last weekend for a few bucks from the pharmacy, I have them in my drawer. Actually, I am using my pen and pencil quite a lot now in the animal shelter I voluteer in for doing repairs and doing notes in the logbook (and yes, we do have the computernet). The only other pen I really use is a CD marker. I am rambling...

Extra batteries for your camera?