"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

a specially prepared travel guide

hey to the blogosphere!

for any of you planning extensive travels abroad this summer, as i am, i've assembled a guide to travelling comfortably, healthily, and informedly (yes, that is a word).

i was dreading sitting still on a plane for 15 hours* straight without music or books (i'm travelling extremely light for a 2.5 week trip), so i looked into ways to offset cabin fever and
prevent those aches i get from lack of movement (i'm antsy. so what? i can't even sit still at home for longer than an hour without getting up and jumping around.)

there's also a ton of restrictions on what u can and cannot take on board a plane these days. i had to figure this out too, since i can't risk having any of my already sparse belongings confiscated before i even get to Mongolia.

so all that (and more^!) is available here, at STEPHAN!E'S AWESOME TRAVEL GUIDE FOR THE CONSCIENTIOUS AND EASILY ANXIOUS TRAVELLER. (which is really just a link to my del.icio.us of "travel" tags. what do u want from me?)

happy travels,

*i don't know which i'm dreading more, the 15 hour plane flight, or the more than 1.75 days in total it will take me to get there. layovers are a bitch. especially since i'm waking up at 4 am only to be laid over for the rest of the day. and no books?! how will i ever make it?! don't get me wrong, i love travelling. it's the actual travelling (flying, driving, waiting around in airports) that i just can't stand.

^in addition to helpful bookmarks for travelling, there's a random link to a Dubai website. check it out anyway. DUBAI IS FUCKIN NUTS!!!

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