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Saturday, June 09, 2007

travel advice for those visiting Mongolia

Ugluunii mend!
("good morning!" i'm learning, with help from friends, as you'll see below. keep reading...)

a kindly reader alerted me in my last post that he currently lives in Mongolia. he was kind enough to give me a special list of tips and advice in preparation for my travels to the land of Blue Sky, a special post i will share with you now:

by Mr. L.Gantulga

Dear Stephanie,

Thank for your e-mail. I was read the your blog from Internet. I am as system administrator and researcher at Mongolian Academy of Sciences. I think that it is possible to organize some trip in Mongolia for you but it is depending your schedule.

Some words:
Good morning – Ugluunii mend.
I – Bi.
You – Ta.
to study – sudlakh.
Thank you – Bayarlalaa.
Bye – Bayartai.

Mongolia considered to be relatively safe place for travelers with no serious crimes against foreigners. Neverless, some precautions can save you money, time and nerves.
• Bring preferably U.S. dollars in cash, $20 and $50 denominations
• Best place to exchange currency is Exchange Point at the first floor of the ARD Cinema, one block west from the Central Post Office as they offer slightly better rates than banks.
• When traveling to countryside make sure to take along cigarettes, soap, colored pens, a couple of bottles of alcohol and sweets as a small gift to cheer up local hosts.
• You can't book domestic return flights in advance, so stop at the MIAT or other companies local ticket office as soon as you arrive at each destination, or see if your guide can take care of it.
• Do not carry big amounts of money with you. Beware of pickpocketers, especially in crowded places or while riding public buses.
• The streetlights in Ulaanbaatar function only along the central streets, so do not walk lately or keep well lit central streets.
• Mongolian drivers do not care much about pedestrians. Make sure to look left and check for an approaching car before crossing streets.
• It is advisable not to eat in small canteens as the quality of food is not guaranteed. And it's better to buy foodstuff from large shops or food markets where cool storing equipment is available.
• If possible, make a copy of your passport and bear it on you while leaving the original in the hotel.
• Do not leave personal belongings unattended. They can easily disappear.

Best wishes,
Mr., L.Gantulga
System Administrator
Mongolian Academy of Sciences

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