"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Friday, August 24, 2007

with it being super hott [sic] in oxford right now (to stave off health risks, Miami has set up cooling stations all over campus with bottled water and mist-ers, so i feel like i'm at a music festival ALL THE TIME, it's great), i decided to wake up extra early this morning, while most were still sleeping off the last night's festivities, and watch the sun rise from the two giant windows in my room while eating creamy peach yogurt. the mornings are remarkably cooler and calm, and i can't sleep in my new room anyway (it's a nice room, and i've never had trouble sleeping in the dorms in the past, it's just lately i've been unable to stay asleep for very long).

i took a bike ride, and felt high, being super awake to sights and sounds others missed as i passed them by. i saw strange patterns in the clouds, like snake leather, felt the physics of my bike as i balanced a yoga mat on my back, saw a small, exquisite yellow and black bird take flight before me (anyone an ornithologist?), and pulled up to the Rec Center to see people leaving with sleeping bags from having spent the night (another Miami health initiative).

i spent the morning in yoga and pilates classes, contemplating my pelvic floor, it's true location, asking it "how are you?" and saying "good job" and offering it encouragement and support.

i'm going for a bike ride in the woods this weekend, and hopefully finding time to spend with friends and music.

what are u doing?


Brian said...

Hi Steph,

Water? Misters? Back in my day young lady, we had to walk ten miles, uphill both ways just to get to class. And we didn't have rooms, we had tents. :)

You probably saw a goldfinch or a warbler.

Going to be editing Real Magic this weekend, no rest for the author.

Rae Jin Devine said...

I'm apparently visiting a Buddhist Temple, getting a Korean Paper Folding lesson and hitting the E-Mart (which is like a Super Wal-Mart I'm told).

stephan!e lee said...

you are indeed correct, Brian! it was a goldfinch: http://thebirdguide.com/digiscoping/photos/IMG_3170_american_goldfinch.jpg

i also asked a friend of mine, who is an ornithologist of sorts, and he confirmed this.

enjoy your weekend, Rae!


Rae Jin Devine said...

I dropped my phone in the river during the visit. It sucks.

What sucks more is my laptop fan not working.

I'm scared. *sigh*

stephan!e lee said...

hey Rae,

i don't know what kind of laptop u have, but i know there are some downloadable programs out there that allow u to control ur laptop speed etc.

i'm sure it's a major problem that u can't fix, otherwise u would, but anyway...

hope things improve,

remaerdyad said...

You are fast becoming like the last contact I have on the Internet. Am I like making new friends who have no computers accidentally on purpose or what? Fuck. I mean,... like, fuck.

Sigh. Bunch of anarchists from some of the online groups I "hung" with going on about how this and that is not popular anymore. Meanwhile I do so little in my art now I am even beginning to destroy some of my work.

But I am not doing a whole lot of nothing. The labour in getting my rump over to the husky I am trying to help rehabilitate has brought my bike (which was, ironically, never christened with a name) out of a like ten year hybernation.

I am also kicking arse on one of those twenty foot tree pruners. Where ever there be a dead branch so shall I to cut-eth it DOWN.

Bunch of other stuff...

Cheers y'all!