"Fire is motion / Work is repetition / This is my document / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all we've done / We are all all defenses."

- Cap'N Jazz, "Oh Messy Life," Analphabetapolothology

Sunday, December 02, 2007


as i was monitoring my site traffic this evening in between writing final papers and not going to the Cass McCombs concert as i had wished, i "stumbled upon" this:

um, right...

for those observant readers, you'd know that i have a personal endorsement from my hero Jens Lekman displayed proudly in the top right corner of my blog. well, it used to be labeled "a crisp endorsement from the CCAA booty patrol," a reference itself to an of Montreal song (and what does "the CCAA booty patrol" mean? i couldn't tell you, tho this question has sparked much heated debate...)

anyway, i find it disturbing that these kinds of things are being said about my blog, and my ass. tho i am glad to see one lewd person finds my blog "hip" and my ranting to be "very cute," i'm appalled by the demeaning urges that inspires in him. and i don't appreciate this being the standing reputation of my blog.

so, if you feel differently (and i hope most of you do!), please please PLEASE endorse my sight [sic] in a more pleasant way. something like "stephan!e's writing makes me feel like a kid again," or "this blog makes me feel safe in spite of all the wrathful disappointments incurred by modern life," or "if free rad!cal writings were a condiment, i'd eat it spread all over toast every morning with a cup o' tea." you know, something nice.

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i'm so meta...


Rae Jin Devine said...

I laughed and for that I am sorry.


Rae Jin Devine said...

Also, I signed up for Stumble to comment but am recieving a broken url message.

stephan!e lee said...

hey Rae -

it's ok. i found it mildly amusing too, in a reprehensible way of course.

it seems he draws his conclusions from the merits of my writing though, so i can't fault him for that. so it's kinda complimentary, in an unsettling way.

glad u signed up. now that i think about it, perhaps i shouldn't have endorsed the site as a way of improving my own online reputation, but whatever...

The ZenFo Pro said...

Lol, chcia! Yeah, Rae's right, it is pretty funny... not gonna call anal sex deplorable, but you'd be surprised how many pervs are lurking out there. You're lucky that's all you've found.

Chica, you're a woman with pics on a blog. It's easier for guys (i.e. me) because, well, the lurkers who say or think crude things about you are usually just lonely women in various dormrooms or crazed gay guys in the Bay Area. Women bloggers get the strange, creepy stalker type lurkers.

Hell, I got an IM from a woman Saturday asking if I'd be up for hooking up in Shadium's restrooms. I responded with "Um, who the hell are you?" and got "Anyone you want." Creepy shit from a drunk and lonely student who, well, just probably went for shock value and forgot I can, heh, track campus IP addresses like a champ.

Don't put too much stock in online reputation - being serious in Cyberspace is like goosestepping in clown shoes.

stephan!e lee said...

"Chica, you're a woman with pics on a blog."

see? this is why i refrained from posting any pictures of myself on the blog in the first year of being online, and why my profile picture was a cartoon-y virtual "me" and why it is now a picture of me with obscured eyes and why my future profile pic will be nothing but a shot of the back of my head.


remaerdyaD said...

"see? this is why i refrained from posting any pictures of myself on the blog"

I am trying to relate to me and mine raisons for not posting my surname or relating issues of family on the internet or giving inanimate objects my PII. But after being offline for like a month or more and this is the very first thing I see I am too fucking pissed the fuck off.

~insert nasty comment relating to human excrement~

remaerydaD said...

Openning page from my new career as an illustrator:


Will try to publish my first chapter soonish.

stephan!e lee said...

it looks good!

welcome back to the net!

remaerdyaD said...

Tres thanx for being genuine, steph. I feel like I am a little at home again. Reading your blog, life seems to be going steady for you. My pawdcasts/blabbermouthing was being pulled from radio4all for censorship reasons so I left. I regret I feel I abandon my net-friends like yourself and apologize. But one day I think I will leave and not return... Please do not think too poorly of me.

FWIWorth I nearly have title to this computer I have been working on for a decade and have ownership of since January. Maybe I will have an network connection to call my own one day too and I can get rid of some of the bullshit I dish out.

I have to tell you, I did not think I could have my own blog. In fact, I was not able to re-post to my blog until I tried just tonite. Anyways.

Is there anything really worth while on the net besides your blog and maybe mine? I am thinking not.